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Two hands pressed together as if praying on an illustrated background with purple, black and pink squiggles and blue clouds

25th May 2024

MOTHER Canteen


A woman in an extravagant bitterfly outfit smiles at the camera on a sunny day, there is a stall behind her and the edge of another person in a similar outfit on the side

8th June 2024, 12.30-5.30pm

Highgate Village, Pond Square and South Grove, N6 6BS


Lots of people gathered in a park with grass and trees, in the foreground there are some stalls with blue cloths on

9th June 2024, 2-5pm

Chalcot Square, NW1


The profile of a woman talking into a microphone on a stage with trees in the background

22nd June 2024

Talacre Town Green


Someone in a luminous green suit with orange hat and tie sits on a white chair outside and another person sits on another chair in the background

23rd June 2024, 12-5pm

Keats House Garden, Keats Grove, NW3 2RR


A woman in a silver jumpsuit and white feather wings, a man in a gold outfit with a crown and blue cape are part of a small crowd of people in costumes walking along the centre of a road with stalls on either side

23rd June 2024, 12-7pm

Alma Street


A man in a red jacket and black hat

30th June 2024, 12-5pm

Keats House Garden, Keats Grove, NW3 2RR


A man with his back to the camera stands in front of a children's fairground ride with a clown and various colourful cars

7th July 2024, 6.30pm

Heath Street NW3


We see the backs of two people sat on a bench wearing sun hats in a park with stalls in the background

20th to 21st July 2024

Camden Square Gardens, NW1


A logo for JW3. The letters are in white in black squares. To the right is a pink square with white writing saying 'Jewish Community Centre London' and below black writing says 'The postcode for Jewish life'

1st July to 1st September 2024

JW3 341-345 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6ET


Lots of people sat at two long tables eating food in the middle of a residential street

15th September 2024

Lady Somerset Road