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A man and a woman facing each other, in between them are a pair of glasses on a stand. Behind the woman is a organe coloured picture, behind the man is a picture of the sky.

In Plain Sight

Exhibition Art Science
‘In Plain Sight’ explores the different ways we see and are seen by others. It questions the central place that sight holds in human society through the different experiences of sighted, partially sighted and blind people.
a woman smiles at the camera and holds up two felt dolls

Rhyme and Story Time with Tyan

Black History Season Families
"Two curious little spirit people; Kwaku Ananse and Aso Yaa land with a bump on the Earth!" Join Tyan as she tells a story of why the Earth is filled with children of every colour in her interactive re-telling of "The Fire Children"..
A picture of a tangle of limbs and childrens seaside toys come from a puff of red smoke taken underwater

Dani and Sheilah ReStack

Art Exhibition
Dani and Sheilah ReStack will build a site-specific installation that expands on their exploration of queer desire, family, collaboration and conflict.
Victorian Housemaid stands in front of a grandfather clock

The Housemaid's Christmas Tour

Museum Museum Mile Tour
Housemaid’s Tour is back with a festive twist this Christmas!
Three small dresses, made out of maps

Tiny Traces: African & Asian Children

Exhibition History Museum
Tiny Traces presents a rich history of London life from 1739-1820, a key period in Britain’s colonial past. 
An AI animated woman, who is wearing dark makeup and a costume of dark features, looks in front of her with anger and an open mouth. Below her a young boy, who is dressed in all white is floating horizontal in the air whilst screaming.

LuYang NetiNeti

Art Exhibition
This exhibition will feature the world premiere of a new Zabludowicz Collection commission, alongside multiple immersive moving image installations, an interactive arcade gaming space and more.

The Spotlight Sessions Final @Samsung KX

Music Black History Season
The grand finale of The Spotlight Sessions- A series of groundbreaking sessions placing a spotlight on black business and London's talent.
a large, bright christmas tree in front of Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross

Christmas at King's Cross

Christmas Families Markets
King’s Cross is packed with festive fun this season

We Were Here

Black History Season Partner Event
We Were Here is a collection of eight biographies of individuals of African and Caribbean heritage who lived, worked or studied in Camden.
A image of Alexander the Greats head statue, the face is seperating from the head and from the head is exploding colour and pictures of ships, animals and more.

Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth

Exhibition Culture History
Piece together an epic tale 2,000 years in the telling of Alexander the Great.
A woman pops a pink bubblegum to the camera, there is pink bubble style text next to her which reads: Not a girl, not yet a woman

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Theatre New Work
In ‘Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman’, two confused performers in their late-twenties submerge themselves in Britney’s story to interrogate their own adultness.
A picture of a large brick building, there are bubbles around the picture with images in them, one image is of a person with colourful eye shadow on, another with black and white portrait images and the third is with a book display which has LGBT books on it.

Queer Britain

LGBTQ+ Museum Exhibition
Queer Britain now has its first physical home in King’s Cross. The museum is a celebration of queer culture, providing an insight into the communities rich and complex histories.
A man with curly hair and glasses looks directly at the camera. He sits with his hand resting on his fist in front of an orange background.

Cultural Comedy Tours at the Grant Museum

Comedy Tour Museum
Cultural Comedy Tours returns to the Grant Museum for a festive special packed full of winter treats and fascinating facts, this time with Leicester Square Comedian of the Year, Sam Nicoresti.
A cartoon of a village covered in snow, in the sky is bubble writing which reads 'snowed in', several children dance and cartwheel on the writing

Snowed In

Dance The Place Theatre
Four friends wake to find they are completely snowed in and a magnificent adventure unfolds in this playful, interactive family show.
Hieroglyphs On a Stone Wall

Hieroglyphs unlocking ancient Egypt

History Exhibition Egypt
Using inscriptions on the very objects that Champollion and other scholars studied, this immersive exhibition will help you to unlock one of the world’s oldest civilisations.
Five people stand in a family portrait style, looking straight at the camera


Theatre Immersive New Work
Mums is a poetic and delicate look into the state of grieving, following one family in their attempt to adjust to a new reality.
A small globe statue on a street

The World Reimagined 2022

Culture Art Trail
The World Reimagined will see trails of over 100 large globe structures in seven cities across the UK from 13 August – 31 October 2022.
A young boy is doing boxing exercises wearing gloves, an older man wearing pads is smiling whilst teaching him

Free Community Boxing Classes

Black History Season Partner Event Fitness
Every Saturday join AYBI for FREE Community Boxes classes.