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Love Camden

Bach to Baby Family Concerts

A large group of small children gather and smile around a piano with a woman playing piano and some adults and other children in the background

30th March 2024, 11am

13th April 2024, 3pm

24th May 2024, 11am

9th August 2024, 11am

20th September 2024, 11am

25th October 2024, 11am

Pond Square Chapel, South Grove, Highgate, N6 6BJ

£15 (up to 2 free children)

A young girl sticks her head into the opening of a trumpet as someone holds her hand behind in a room with other adults and children

9th March 2024, 11am

6th April 2024, 3pm

18th May 2024, 3pm

20th July 2024, 11am

10th August 2024, 11am

7th September 2024, 11am

12th October 2024, 11am

St Mark's Church, St Mark's Square, Prince Albert Road, NW1 7TN

£15 (up to 2 free children)

A woman kneels on the floor playing the violin to a group of toddlers and a few adults

17th March 2024, 3pm

14th April 2024, 3pm

19th May 2024, 3pm

16th June 2024, 3pm

21st July 2024, 3pm

18th August 2024, 3pm

15th September 2024, 3pm

20th October 2024, 3pm

Emmanuel Church, Lyncroft Gardens, NW6 1JU

£15 (up to 2 free children)