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Love Camden
News 11 December 2023

Funding available for community festivals

Too women in traditional dress dance on a stage with two musicians behind them


We are delighted to be supporting community festivals again for the new financial year 2024-2025. With the Community Festival Funding, we aim once again to highlight the importance of Camden’s community spirit, and we welcome events that bring local residents together.

We are offering a total of £35,000 in recognition of the important role local residents and stakeholders play organising events to foster community cohesion.

All community festivals and events that receive a grant also receive a waiver of all non-statutory fees and charges such as road closures, trading licenses, waste collections and parking suspensions relating to an event.

For any small community events that are not successful in securing grant funding, we support your events by charging an inclusive discounted admin fee of £100.

Subject to final approvals, this charge will remain for the financial year 2024-2025.

Do make contact with us for any queries on

We hope you can develop strong partnerships and proposals and consider engagement with diverse participants from multiple communities and from a range of ethnicities, faiths, abilities, sexual orientation, and class to celebrate Camden’s cultural diversity.

We also welcome applications for events that celebrate the Cultural Calendar for example Black History Season, International Woman’s Day, Pride, South Asian Heritage month, Diwali to mention a few.

Deadline: 29th February