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Love Camden

Film Locations

Film crew working in a road at night with large film lights lighting the road

Camden is one of London's top filming destinations, consistently ranking among the five busiest boroughs for filming in the capital. Its popularity stems from its diverse range of filming locations, offering something for every production. 

Here you can find some of the most beautiful squares in London, such as Fitzroy Square, Russell Square and Red Lion Square. The squares are surrounded by striking Georgian and Victorian era buildings suitable for modern and historical shoots. 

The modernist geometry of Whittington and Maiden Lane estates can create an unusual setting for any commercial shoot, a high-end TV drama or a Sci-Fi blockbuster. 

Just across the road from Euston station is a small corner straight out of the Regency era, the monochrome Woburn Walk is simply perfect for a lavish historical shoot.

There are busy markets and Camden has recently opened its doors to the newly-refurbished Camden Town Hall which is now one of the most sustainable historic buildings in Camden.

These are just a small selection of the locations Camden has on offer for a filming brief of any size and complexity. Please check out our location database for more information.