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Zabludowicz Collection

LuYang NetiNeti

Art Exhibition
An AI animated woman, who is wearing dark makeup and a costume of dark features, looks in front of her with anger and an open mouth. Below her a young boy, who is dressed in all white is floating horizontal in the air whilst screaming.

This exhibition will feature the world premiere of a new Zabludowicz Collection commission, alongside multiple immersive moving image installations, an interactive arcade gaming space, and a screening room presenting the ‘greatest hits’ of the artist’s videos from across the last decade. Visitors will be invited to step into the worlds LuYang creates.

LuYang’s work destabilises the divisions between past and future, human and machine, and life and death, reflected in the title of the exhibition, which incorporates the Sanskrit expression ‘Neti Neti’, meaning “not this, not that”, or “neither this, nor that”. Immersed in the cultures of anime, video games and sci-fi, the artist’s wildly engaging and darkly humorous projects are all-consuming in their visual and sonic intensity. They combine aspects of traditional spiritual belief with motifs from science and medicine to investigate the mysteries and mechanics of the human body and mind.

Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales Road London NW5 3PT


22 September to 12 February

Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6pm


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