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Love Camden

Lead Me Into Temptation Please: LGBT Summer Fair

13th July 2024, 12pm - 9pm

Conway Hall


An individual with a large septum ring around their nose. They are wearing a green glove, a black choker and red lipstick. Their hair is wildly styled.

13th July 2024, 12pm - 9pm

Conway Hall


Join us for a summery day of performances, workshops, talks, market stalls, an exhibition, and more!

The historic spaces of Conway Hall will be transformed into an LGBT festival, inspired by the annual fairs hosted LGBT Humanists in the 1980s. Join us for music, art showcases, and a whole lot of fun! Enjoy the brightest and best of the creative LGBT community in London, with activities throughout the day and night. From workshops to presentations, they will invite you to enjoy creativity and discussion, exploring how we can be inspired by our LGBT heritage, especially the examples of LGBT humanism found in our Picturing Nonconformity exhibition.

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