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Scrolls tied up with writing on a table with the words The Future of Traditions, Writing Pictures: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, from 12 January- 25 March 2023

Contemporary Art from the Middle East

Exhibition Contemporary Art Museum Mile
Rose Issa and Bob Annibale, guest curators, explore three generations of Iranian and Arab artists, from the early pioneers of a vernacular 'Lettrism' movement incorporated in their works today.
A man and a woman facing each other, in between them are a pair of glasses on a stand. Behind the woman is a organe coloured picture, behind the man is a picture of the sky.

In Plain Sight

Exhibition Art Science
‘In Plain Sight’ explores the different ways we see and are seen by others. It questions the central place that sight holds in human society through the different experiences of sighted, partially sighted and blind people.
A room full of videos of David Hockneys Art: swimming figures in a bright blue pool. The videos cover the whole room, ceiling and floor.

David Hockney at The Lightroom

Art Exhibition Digital Art
In this new exhibition, DAVID HOCKNEY: BIGGER & CLOSER (not smaller & further away), Lightroom’s vast walls and revolutionary sound system enable us to experience the world through Hockney’s eyes.
Three small dresses, made out of maps

Tiny Traces: African & Asian Children

Exhibition History Museum
Tiny Traces presents a rich history of London life from 1739-1820, a key period in Britain’s colonial past. 

Permission to Play

Museum Mile Museum Late Exhibition
Calling all adults: brush off your inhibitions and enjoy the museum as a playground as we invite you to unleash your inner child and join us for an evening of fun and games.
A picture of a large brick building, there are bubbles around the picture with images in them, one image is of a person with colourful eye shadow on, another with black and white portrait images and the third is with a book display which has LGBT books on it.

Queer Britain

LGBTQ+ Museum Exhibition
Queer Britain now has its first physical home in King’s Cross. The museum is a celebration of queer culture, providing an insight into the communities rich and complex histories.