How to reduce your impact

The Camden Climate Action Plan sets an ambitious target for the borough to become carbon net zero by 2030. Whilst the Council will need to lead by example, achieving this target will require everyone living and working in Camden to play their part.

To cut your CO2 emissions, reduce air pollution and lessen your impact on the natural environment, you should focus on five key areas:

  1. Food – eat less meat and dairy produce
  2. Travel – drive less and walk and cycle more
  3. Consumption and waste – buy less and repair, share and reuse what you have
  4. Home energy – reduce your household energy costs
  5. Community action – take climate action in your community

Hear how the Citizen Panel are taking climate action


Eat less meat and dairy produce

You can reduce your environmental impact by eating less meat and dairy produce. By choosing locally grown food you can reduce carbon emissions from transportation and prolonged refrigeration.

The facts

14.5% of global greenhouse gases are caused by meat and dairy production and 11% of Camden household’s total consumption-based carbon emissions are from food and drink choices. You can halve your food-based carbon emissions by cutting down on meat in your diet. Try this climate food calculator to find out how you can reduce your impact.

Over 10 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK and 67% of household food waste is still edible when thrown away. Learn about simple everyday food hacks and tips that'll help you save your food from the bin from the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign.

More actions, initiatives and information

  • Eat less meat and dairy produce

10 tips to eat more plant-based food

  • Join a Camden based vegetable delivery scheme such as Vegbox


  • Learn more about the impact of food on the environment

What to eat: food and the environment

  • Download a free mobile app designed to support food waste reduction and cost saving at home

Kitche, the food waste app


Drive less, walk and cycle more

You can reduce your environmental impact by leaving the car at home and cycling or walking more. If the journey it too far to walk or cycle, use public transport instead. 

The facts

14% of CO2 emissions and 50% of all air pollution in Camden is caused by road transport. The poor air quality causes 9,500 deaths in London each year. The council runs a free bicycle loan scheme for those who want to experience the advantages of cycling but do not yet have a bike of their own. 

Camden residents make over 80,000 trips by car every day. 80% of these trips could be walked, cycled, or made by public transport. If you have to use a car, try joining a car club. This will save you money and reduce your carbon emissions.

More actions, initiatives and information

  • Find out about how we are making it easier for you to walk and cycle in Camden

Walk and cycle in Camden

  • Take up Camden's free cycle training, there is training for everyone

Free cycle skills

  • Open a play street in your neighbourhood so that children can play in a traffic-free street

Play streets

Consumption and waste

You can reduce your environmental impact from consumption and waste by buying less, repairing broken products, sharing and reusing what you already have. It also important to avoid single use items where possible.

The facts

16% of a Camden resident’s environmental impact comes from buying new items for the home and every year Londoners throw away 2 million tonnes of waste – enough to fill the Thames. Instead of buying items you’ll only use once, why not borrow from the Library of Things

Government figures estimate that five million tonnes of plastic is used in the UK every year, nearly half of which is packaging. You can reduce the amount of packaging you use by bringing a reusable container to Camden Refill Station to fill up on household cleaning and body care products.

More actions, initiatives and information

  • Reduce your waste and reuse and repair what you have, check out advice from the North London Waste Authority and London Recycles 

The North London Waste Authority 

  • Share, lend and borrow rather than buy items that you only need occasionally

Streetbank Nextdoor

  • Camden residents can donate furniture and white goods in a good condition for reuse by booking a free collection service from Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks

  • Attend a local community repair event and learn how to repair broken electronics, and rethink how we consume them in the first place

The Restart Project

  • Find more places to Refill - shop, eat and drink with less waste

         Refill London - Chalton Street Circular Economy Market 

  • Earn rewards for you and your community by reducing, reusing and recycling more

Camden Recycling Rewards

  • If an item has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled at your nearest reuse and recycling centre

Reuse and recycling centres

Home energy

Reduce your household energy costs

It is possible to save energy and reduce your household energy costs by making some small changes to your behaviour at home. You can find out more about the support on offer to help you to do this and see our list of low cost and no cost tips on our energy saving tips page.

The facts

Heating and powering buildings causes 90% of carbon dioxide emissions in Camden and homes account for 26% of all borough wide direct carbon emissions. Improving the energy efficiency of your home will save energy, reduce your environmental impact, and save you money on your energy bills. 

There are a range of grants available to make improving the energy efficiency of your home easier and more affordable. This includes the Green Homes Grant, Camden’s Housing Renewal Assistance Policy and the Camden Climate Fund.

High energy prices means that 10% of Camden residents cannot afford to heat their homes to an adequate temperature. If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, call the Green Camden Helpline for free. You’ll receive advice and tips to help you keep well and warm in your home. Our friendly advisors can check eligibility for any grants, services, or discounts on your utility bills. They can also give advice on what to do if you are in fuel debt.

More actions, initiatives and information

  • Visit the Energy Saving Trust for practical advice on how to reduce energy use at home

Energy Saving Trust

  • Improve your home's insulation or consider a comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit of your home with the support of ECOFurb's Low Carbon Homes Service

ECOFurb - Low Carbon Homes Service

  • Apply to the Camden Climate Fund to help meet the costs of insulating your home or installing low carbon heating

Camden Climate Fund

  • Replace your gas heating system with an electric air source heat pump – this requires investment, but will be a significant step to a ‘net-zero’ home

Air source heat pump - Guidance

  • Apply for the Government's upcoming Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and receive up to £5,000 to install a heat pump (applications open April 2022)

Boiler Upgrade Scheme Grant

Community action

Take climate action in your community

Community climate action is a great way for you to get involved in tackling the climate crisis. There is plenty of climate action taking place in Camden which you can get involved in. For some inspiration check out the Camden Climate Action E-Brochure.

Join one of the following climate action groups based in Camden

  • Camden Think and Do offers people in Camden the chance to develop projects tackling the climate and ecological crisis

Camden Think and Do

  • Transition Kentish Town is part of a movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world

Transition Kentish Town

  • Camden Greenpeace is a friendly group of Greenpeace activists who meet in Camden

Camden Greenpeace

  • Camden Friends of the Earth campaigns for solutions to environmental problems to create a better, greener Camden. They run awareness stalls at local festivals, community fairs and markets, organise events and film screenings, and campaign online

Camden Friends of the Earth

  • Climate Emergency Camden is a coalition of local groups and residents who aim to inspire bold, transformative borough-wide action in response to the climate and ecological breakdown

Climate Emergency Camden

  • Camden Air Action is an alliance of local people and groups working together to raise awareness about air pollution, and to take constructive practical action on air quality in Camden

Camden Air Action

  • Power up North London (PUNL) is a non-profit community organisation that enables local people to tackle climate change by delivering renewable energy projects

Power up North London

  • Camden Cyclists is a local branch of London Cycling Campaign, it works towards making sure that everyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, has a voice in Greater London

Camden Cyclists

  • VEGBOX is a community-led organic vegetable box scheme empowering Camden's community to connect with great-tasting organic veg and fruit sourced from small-scale farms near London.


If you are a community group focussing on climate action who is not included above, please contact