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Who can request health and housing points 

Points are only awarded for a medical condition if you can demonstrate that:  

  • it is made worse by your current housing 
  • a move to another property will improve it 

If you receive PIP or DLA, it does not mean that you are automatically eligible for health and housing points. A Health and Housing Occupational Therapist will assess your case. 

If your current home can be improved or adapted to meet your health needs at a reasonable cost, then you will not be awarded health and housing points. You should contact social services to find out if you can receive support to have: 

  • equipment fitted in your home such as grab rails, a stair lift, or ramps 
  • assistive technology installed such as a Careline alarm or door and bed sensors 

How to request health and housing points 

You will need to complete the health and housing section as part of the housing register application. Remember – please provide as much detail as possible.  

Depending on your medical condition, we may send you a health and disability questionnaire. This will help us understand if you require a certain type of property at a particular floor level.  

Based on the information that you provide, the system will automatically award some health and housing points. These will need to assessed by the Health and Housing Occupational Therapist.

After you apply 

Step 1: Health and disability questionnaire 

Please complete the questionnaire and return it within 21 days. You should include supporting information from health professionals that confirm your diagnosis and treatment. Do not send hospital or doctor appointment letters or prescriptions.  

Step 2: Assessment of your condition 

Our health and housing advisers assess the information that you have provided about your medical condition. They use this to make their recommendation, however they do not: 

  • carry out physical examinations 
  • diagnose 
  • treat 

Your points may change to reflect the assessment by the Health and Housing Occupational Therapist. 

They may make a recommendation to help improve your living conditions. An example would be a wheelchair accessible flat. This could include properties accessed by a lift as well as properties on the ground floor.  

We aim to assess all health and disability questionnaires within 21 days. However, due to the number and complexity of the assessment it may take longer than anticipated to complete the assessment. 

While we assess your health and disability questionnaire, you will not be able to bid for a property. We want to make sure everyone bids with the correct number of points.  

Step 3: Awarding points  

Following the assessment we may award you: 

  • 500 points if you need urgent rehousing because your medical condition and housing circumstances are having a serious impact on your health and wellbeing    
  • 150 points if you need rehousing because your medical condition and housing circumstances are having an impact on your health and wellbeing