​​​​​​An in-year admission relates to all year groups except for reception and year 7 entry in September 2022

All schools in Camden manage their own in-year admissions process and you will need to apply directly to the relevant school/s.

You should make an in-year admission application if:

  • You have moved to Camden and have school-aged children who need places at local schools
  • Your child is in school, and you want to apply for a transfer to another school in Camden
  • You live in Camden and have school-aged children who are not in school or receiving education elsewhere.

For information on admission to schools outside Camden, please contact the borough where the school is located.

School places cannot be reserved in advance so if you and your child(ren) are moving to Camden, do not submit an in-year application two weeks before your child(ren) arrive.

Children of UK service personnel and crown servants

Please note that Crown Servants or Armed Forces personnel can apply more than two weeks in advance of arrival to the UK however will need to provide sufficient evidence of their posting.

What happens next

Upon receipt of an in-year application, the relevant school, should notify you of the outcome of the application in writing within 10 school days, but in some cases, it may take up to 15 school days.

Right to appeal

You have a right of appeal under the School Standards & Framework Act 1998 against the refusal of a place at any of the schools for which you have applied. If you wish to appeal, you must contact the admission authority for the school to obtain the procedure. If you wish to appeal for a community school in Camden, you can complete the online appeal form at www.camden.gov.uk/schoolappeal

Primary schools in Camden

Secondary schools in Camden