Why it's so important that as many people as possible get the COVID-19 vaccine

As many people as possible need to get the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce the spread of the virus, and to prevent people from getting seriously ill or dying. Given the chance, all viruses will mutate and produce unknown new variants and COVID-19 is no exception. So getting the vaccine could help prevent this from happening and protect our community.

Getting the vaccine will also reduce the chance of you passing the virus onto others so even if you think you will be fine if you get coronavirus, you could pass it onto someone else who could get seriously ill. To keep yourself, loved ones and local community safe, please get your vaccinations as soon as you can.

Asking questions about the vaccine

Before you have the vaccine, you’ll also go through a rigorous consent process which will be an opportunity to ask the vaccinator as many questions as you want. Alternatively, you can speak to your GP when you're invited to have the vaccine. You might also be interested to read information from Camden residents and community leaders about why they chose to have the vaccine which you can find on this page.

You can also find information on the NHS website that may answer questions you have about the vaccine.