Find a property

You can find properties to rent by checking websites, such as:

You can also check local newspapers or search for local letting agencies online. 

Find a room in a flat share

You can find a room in a flat share by checking websites, such as:

Other organisation may be able to help you find a room in shared houses, such as:

Find somewhere you can afford

Renting in Camden and central London is very expensive, and unaffordable for most families on average pay or getting welfare benefits. Rents tend to be cheaper in east and south east London. Prices outside of London are much cheaper. 

Deposits and rent in advance

Most private landlords ask for a deposit and at least one month’s rent payment in advance. If you’re claiming job seekers allowance or income support you may be able to apply for a budgeting loan to pay for rent in advance.

Don’t part with money for fees, deposit or rent in advance without getting a signed and dated receipt with the name, address and telephone number of the owner or agent that you are dealing with.

Further information

Read the UK government's guide how to rent for more information on finding and renting a home.