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If you are moving home and are responsible for paying council tax you must let us know as soon as possible. This is to make sure you pay the right amount. Whether you are moving into Camden, within Camden, or out of Camden, there is a legal requirement to tell us within 21 days. 

If you are eligible for a discount or exemption to your council tax you can apply for this via our moving home forms. You can also upload supporting documentation which will help your application to be processed more quickly. To find out what discounts and exemptions are available see our discounts and exemptions webpage.

Moving into Camden

Register for council tax in Camden if you are moving here from another borough. You may also have to register for council tax for other reasons, for example if you have a change in your employment status.

When you register for council tax you will have the option to create a Camden Account. The Camden Account allows you to manage your council tax online, view bills, arrange a direct debit and also access other council services.

To help us complete the process as quickly as possible and to send you a council tax bill for the correct amount, you will need to confirm the following:

  • The exact date you purchased the property or the exact start date of your tenancy agreement
  • The exact date you moved in to the property
  • Your bank details if you would like to pay your council tax by Direct Debit
  • Where applicable, please provide joint owner details, your landlord or agent details, and names of any other resident adults in the property. It is important you provide this in order to proceed to the section of the form that will allow you to apply for a discount disregard or exemption.

If other tenants in the property moved in on a different date, they will need to complete a separate move in form. This form will only capture your move in details.

Tell us you're moving into Camden

Moving within or out of Camden

If you're registered for council tax in Camden and you move home, you need to tell us so we can close your account. If you are moving to another address in Camden we will set up a new account at your new address. 

You should complete this form if:

  • You’re moving out of Camden to another area
  • You’re moving to another address within Camden
  • You’ll no longer be responsible for council tax at your new address

To help us update our records, you will need to confirm the following:

  • The exact date you moved out, your tenancy ended or when you sold your property
  • Your new address
  • The landlord or agent details and any joint tenant details if you’ve been a tenant
  • Your solicitor’s details and any joint owner details if you have sold your property
  • The names of the new owners or tenants (if you know them). If you do not know their name(s), please leave that section of the form blank
  • If you are already registered at your new address, please select No to the question “Are you moving within the area?” 

If you have a Camden account

Login and tell us you're moving within or out of Camden

If you don't have a Camden account you can still 

Tell us you're moving within or out of Camden

Tell other services when you move

When you move home you may need to inform other council services about your move. As well as completing a council tax moving home form you can:

You will also need to inform many different organisations and services. This includes your bank, utilities and doctor. You should make sure you've told all the right services about your move.