Challenge a PCN online

The challenge form times out after 20 minutes. We recommend you write your comments offline and cut and paste them in to the form. If there is a problem with the challenge form, please try again later.

If you are challenging multiple PCNs for the same vehicle, please include all CU reference numbers in the challenge section of your PCN form.

You cannot challenge by phone. All challenges must be made in writing (online/post) in line with parking legislation.

Challenge a PCN / view your PCN images

Footage for CCTV cases can only be viewed via a windows operating system.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your challenge, you will receive a confirmation email. If you haven't received it, please check your spam folder. When we reply to objections by email, this will be from "[email protected]" and you may wish to add this as a safe sender address.

Challenges we can't accept

If your vehicle has been removed, you will need to contact the car pound directly and pay for its release. We will not accept a challenge for the removal PCN until your vehicle has been released.

If your PCN has reached Warrant stage, you will need to contact the relevant Enforcement Agent to pay the PCN amount and any additional fees.

Understanding your PCN

For information on contraventions and how we use our discretion, please refer to:

Our parking policies and guides 

View information on the enforcement and appeals process.