Available in paid for parking and shared use bays

Our cashless parking provider is JustPark. 

There is signage across the borough with information on how to pay online, by phone or using the JustPark smartphone app. 

register with JustPark and get the app

or pay by calling: 020 3003 2532

If you need assistance, have a query about this service, or need to apply for a refund, see the JustPark help pages or call 020 3318 9792.

JustPark offers free reminders before your parking session ends.

If you try to extend your session after the time has expired or try to extend using a different phone than used to book the current session, you will not be able to do so. 

Terms and Conditions of use: 

1. You must purchase a parking session which covers the time your vehicle is parked in this bay

2. You may extend your parking session before it ends, but you must not stay longer than the maximum duration specified on the sign at the parking bay you are using

3. After the expiry of your parking session, you must move your vehicle from the bay and not return within one hour

4. You are liable for a penalty charge notice and your vehicle may be subject to further enforcement action if: 

a) You fail to purchase a parking session for this bay

b) Your vehicle exceeds the maximum stay or is parked after your parking session ends

c) Your vehicle is not fully parked within the bay markings 

d) You park in a suspended bay

e) You park the wrong class of vehicle in the bay

Parking is free on Bank and Public Holidays, except where other restrictions apply.