Taking action to cut our carbon emissions

As part of Camden’s Climate Action Plan 2020-2025, the council has committed to doing everything it can to reduce CO2e emissions from the borough to net zero by 2030. To achieve this challenging target, the council will need to do everything it can to reduce emissions from its estate and operations over this decade.

The council’s Carbon Management Plan defines how we measure, manage, and reduce emissions from our estate and operations. The plan is being used to deliver initiatives that will reduce emissions in line with the 2030 ambition. 

Our 2021/22 emission report shows that we have reduced CO2e emissions by 59%.

The latest emission report covering 2021/22 emission data can be downloaded here – 2021/22 Footprint report 

Leading by example:

  • The retrofit of Swiss Cottage Library will focus on improving energy efficiency and decarbonising existing heating systems. This is being achieved through the introduction of roof and wall insulation, ventilation improvements, double glazing, LED lighting and heat pumps. The project is expected to reduce emissions by more than 138t/CO2e per annum following completion in Autumn 2022. 
  • The retrofit of Camden Town Hall will introduce secondary double glazing, improved insulation, and displace gas use for heating through air source heat pumps. The works are expected to reduce emissions by 335t/CO2e per annum following completion in Spring 2023.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)

We have been a full participant under the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC). Under this scheme, we were required to report annual carbon emissions for qualifying energy supplies and to purchase carbon allowances to cover these. The scheme encouraged participants to reduce their overall emissions – please refer to the CRC Annual Reports below for more details. The CRC scheme came to an end after the 2018/19 reporting year.

CRC Annual Reports 

Helping businesses

We encourage Camden organisations in the public and private sectors to produce similar reports. We are working with businesses to support the Council’s commitment towards a borough-wide net zero target by 2030. Please visit Camden Climate Alliance for more information.