You can arrange collections for large items that don’t fit in your bin, and you can donate reusable items to charity.  

Large item collections 

You can arrange collections for large items with Veolia 

For example:  

  • beds or mattresses 
  • broken furniture 
  • extra bags of rubbish 

How much does it cost? 

It costs: 

  • £25 for 1 to 5 items, or up to 20 black bags 
  • £50 for 6 to 10 items, or up to 40 black bags 
  • £75 for 11 to 15 items, or up to 60 black bags 

Large electrical items are charged separately. It is £10 for up to 2 Large electrical items 

You can also arrange a free large electrical item collection with Clearabee 

You may be eligible for 2 free collections each year, if you are a Camden resident and: 

  • are aged over 65 
  • receive 100% Council Tax Support 

How to book a collection 

Collections can be booked through Veolia. 

You will need to provide us with: 

  • the address the of collection  
  • details of what needs collecting 

We will only be able to collect items: 

  • from outside your home at street level 
  • during the week between Monday and Friday 

If you need help putting your large items outside of your property, contact Camden's handyperson service. 

To arrange a large item collection, call Veolia on 020 3567 8105 

Veolia are currently experiencing technical difficulties with their phone line. You can still manage your account online or email [email protected]

Donate reusable furniture 

If you want to get rid of furniture that is still in good condition, you can donate it to charity. 

Book a free collection with: 

Find out more about reusing, repairing and sharing items in Camden. 

Other ways to get rid of large items 

You can use private waste collectors to remove large items from your home. You have a responsibility to make sure that they are licensed waste carriers and will remove your waste safely and legally. 

You can find out about local waste collectors and reuse charities on LoveJunk 

You can take large items that don’t fit in your bin to Regis Road reuse and recycling centre