Apart from social rented housing provided by the Council and housing associations, the main other type of affordable housing is intermediate housing. This includes intermediate rent and shared ownership properties.

What is intermediate rent?

Intermediate rent homes cost more than council accommodation but less than a private tenancy.

As well as being more affordable than a private tenancy, you have the assurance that your home is built, managed and let by a social housing landlord such as a housing association or the Council. Please be aware that demand is high but supply is low.

You will be eligible for intermediate rent if:

  • you're a Camden resident
  • you've worked in Camden for six months or more
  • your annual household income is no less than £20,000 and no more than £60,000

The Council seeks to ensure that the majority of intermediate rent homes in each scheme is affordable to households with gross annual incomes between £31,530 and £42,040 (adjusted annually by wage inflation).

Applications from friends to rent two or three bedroom homes on a shared basis may be considered. This gives the opportunity for incomes to be pooled so that the total household income is increased, enabling you to be considered for the more expensive properties that you may not be able to afford on your own.

What happens after you have registered your interest

Housing providers will email you details of available properties. If you do not receive any emails, it is because nothing is available. Please be aware demand is high but supply is low.

If you're invited to view any intermediate rent homes, you will need to: 

  • provide at least two references, with one being from your current employer
  • have enough savings to pay one month’s rent in advance
  • have enough savings to pay a deposit which could be up to one month’s rent in advance

Intermediate rent homes are usually let on an assured shorthold tenancy, this means that it is fixed between one and five years, but could be renewed.

Please note, that due to the large number of applicants, Camden housing providers will only contact applicants that are shortlisted.

Register your interest in intermdiate rent or shared ownership

Intermediate housing currently being built

187 Kentish Town Road               
1 Shared Ownership home      
Housing provider: Sapphire Housing           
Completed: March 2023

140-146 Camden Street       
6 Intermediate Rent homes     
Housing provider: Origin Housing         
Estimated completion date: July 2023      

Medius House, New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DG    
8 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Origin Housing           
Estimated completion date: July 2023 

Kings Cross S5 Pocket Homes
60 Intermediate Rent homes
Housing Provider: Pocket Homes
Estimated Completion date:  June 2023

Kemplay House
8 Intermediate Rent units
Housing Provider: Optivo Housing
Estimated Completion date: July 2023

156 West End Lane     
25 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: A2 Dominion    
Estimated completion date: July 2023

Kings Cross W2 Triangle     
23 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Origin Housing 
Estimated completion date: September 2023

Agar Grove        
35 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Camden Living            
Estimated completion date: January 2024

Highgate Newtown Community Centre development        
7 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Camden Living           
Estimated completion date: January 2024

Belmont Street     
23 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Newlon Housing Trust   
Estimated completion date: July 2024

Acorn House, Gray's Inn Road WC1X 8PD
14 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: Newlon Housing Trust   
Estimated completion date: January 2025

100 Avenue Road        
5 Intermediate Rent homes       
Housing provider: TBC           
Estimated completion date: August 2025

Please note that the estimated completion dates are the very earliest that these homes will be available and it is possible that delays to construction might occur.

Intermediate housing providers

The following organisations currently provide intermediate homes in Camden or will be providing some in the next year:

A2 Dominion
Camden Living
Dolphin Living
Network Homes
Notting Hill Housing Group
One Housing Group
Soho HA

Viewing intermediate homes

If you receive an email to tell you there is a property available to be viewed you will need to provide the information outlined here under what happens when you have registered your interest.

Where possible we will publish a link here that you can view first before deciding whether you are interested in doing a viewing in person.

We will give you a deadline when you will need to make up your mind.  We need to do this because we have a high demand for these homes.

If you decide to accept the home you will arrange a tenancy start with the viewing officer and sign an agreement.  We will normally ask you to pay a deposit in advance.