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The Unseen Vanguard: Emerging Creatives in Focus

Women's Day Exhibition Art
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The Unseen Vanguard exhibition presents a remarkable showcase of the artistic talent and creativity of marginalised women, as part of the Creative Women's Hub Mentorship and Exhibition Program funded by Derwent London. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire a diverse array of art forms, including paintings, installations, photography and more, all created by women who have overcome significant challenges to pursue their passion for the arts. These works of art push boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and offer unique perspectives, making this exhibition a must-visit for anyone interested in contemporary art and its role in shaping our cultural landscape. 
Hosted by Creative Women's Hub and Take Two Interactive.

Take-Two Interactive is a leading video game company known for its iconic franchises and critically acclaimed titles. With a portfolio that includes Rockstar Games and 2K Games, creating some of the most popular and successful games of all time, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bioshock. Take Two has redefined the boundaries of what is possible in interactive entertainment and set a new standard for quality and innovation in the creative sector.

Creative Women's Hub is a grassroots organisation with the aim to disrupt, diversify and transform the creative sector by educating, platforming and equipping marginalised women with expert tools, resources and opportunities to break into the creative sector.

Take Two Interactive Software Europe Limited 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD


8 March

5pm to 9pm


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