Swiss Cottage Gallery 2019

Swiss Cottage Gallery
88 Avenue Road
Swiss Cottage
17 Oct 2019 - 10 Jan 2020
Event time
Launch event 6-8pm 17 October 2019
This year, the Camden summer exhibition will mark an exciting reimagining of the Open Open exhibition of previous years and will form part of the Camden Alive project, exploring themes of working together, sharing ideas and collaborating.

This month we interviewed David Blandy, an artist who works with video in the digital world, from the YouTube tutorial and music videos, to television series, anime and the narrative sections of computer games, highlighting our relationship with popular culture and investigating what makes us who we are.
The End of the World (2017) is a video projection enclosing the viewer in a planetarium style view of the solar system, showing at Swiss Cottage Gallery
Over the next 17 years the urban fabric of Camden, arguably London’s most bustling and diverse of boroughs, will be reshaped dramatically to make way for the HS2 train line. The major construction works planned will require hundreds of residents to be rehoused. Camden Council invited artist and anthropologist Liz Hingley to develop a project with, about and for those who are being affected.