Swiss Cottage Gallery
Swiss Cottage Gallery sits on a crossroads of historical, artistic and communal engagement. Its location - within an architectural landmark building designed by Sir Basil Spence, renowned for his brilliant Modernist and Brutalist designs - is fitting for many reasons. Basil’s utopian design, created around the idea of airy openness, shows knowledge (the library), art (the gallery) and community (the surrounding area) as entangled concepts through glass dividers and spiraling staircases that connect different areas of the building almost fluidly.

Over the years, the Gallery has set up a rich and varied programme, hosting a mix of (inter)national collaborations, solo-shows and inclusive events.Exhibitions aim to highlight the best of Camden through its incredibly creative local arts community, as well as seeing the Borough through regional and occasionally inter/national eyes.
Liz hingley a chnage in view
Swiss Cottage Gallery 2019: Exhibitions
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Natasha Kahn and John Ros, Citizen, installation view, photography by John Ros, 2018
Exhibitions: 2018
This year’s gallery programme asks: What does it mean to have a voice, and what does it mean to speak? How can we question legacies of equality, history, place and power when thinking about social, cultural and physical visibility?
ronny sen
Exhibitions: 2017
This year we saw some incredible international collaborations with Indian gallery TARQ, artist Vishwa Shroff, curator Chinmoyi Patel and Museum in a Box. Featuring an amazing engagement programme by Quiet Down There and the annual Open Open exhibition, 2018 was a year of expanding horizons and meeting new cultures.
Minnie Weisz, Stories, installation view, photography by Jonathan Murphy, 2016
Exhibitions: 2016
2016 was an exciting year for Swiss Cottage Gallery. Featuring an international collaboration with PIVO gallery in Brazil, the all-women traveling group show Tall Talles, a highly succesfull edition of Open Open show and an exploratory, locally organized Action Potential show and artist Minnie Weisz, this year's programme showed diversity, inclusion and guts.
Object Interviews (c) Patrick Hough
Exhibitions: 2015
This year was all about playful investigation, wether it was in photography, performance or video. With highlights such as ReStage by Dmitri Galitzine, Object Interviews by Patrick Hough and the beautiful Another Utopia, 2015 looked at the world with speculative wonder.
At Home (c) Nicola Lane
Exhibitions: 2014
Nothing was what it seemed it 2014. Whether it was Frances Scott's "Another Way of Reading", Nicola Lane's "At Home: A Living Centenary 1914-2014" or Elizabeth Wright's "Writing Table/Sextodecimo", each show turned reality upside down and inside out, presenting the audience with a new outlook on issues of history, architecture and memory.
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