Raquel Meseguer’s A Crash Course in Cloudspotting

Swiss Cottage Gallery

16 Jan – 27 Feb 2020

Camden Alive and Unlimited are delighted to announce that Raquel Meseguer’s A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality) will be coming to Camden. Raquel will develop her work over the coming months, collaborating with residents across Camden to produce a new installation at Swiss Cottage Gallery in the new year.

Raquel has been collecting stories about people’s attempts to rest in public. She thought she was part of a small crew of neurodiverse people who need to lie down and rest throughout the day. Turns out it’s a pretty big crew.

Part installation, part verbatim theatre, A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality) tells stories of people who need to rest throughout the day. New work, focussing on Camden residents, will add to the archive of stories and will be presented in a new installation. Residents will use an app when resting that triggers individual bulbs in the gallery space, creating a collective light show and illuminating the often hidden needs of many Camden residents.



“It’s a 24 minute play with words and light. I really like that neurodiverse people, often isolated and absented from cultural spaces, get to broadcast their rest in a public space, and in a public work of art” Raquel Meseguer, Unchartered Collective

“This piece is one of the most significant Unlimited have supported, as it redefines not just who can become involved but how. For too long access has ignored the needs of a significant proportion of disabled people - those with energy related impairments. This work makes the invisible visible, and gives agency over to those who are usually ‘unseen’. And it does so beautifully, showing us that we are truly equal after all.”

Jo Verrent, Senior Producer, Unlimited. Conceived and directed by Raquel Meseguer, in collaboration with Artist & Designer Sophia Clist and Composer &Sound Artist Jamie McCarthy. Engagement Producer Ralph Thompson.

For more information contact Suzie Plumb, Arts Development Officer, Camden Council. Suzie.plumb@camden.gov.uk