Queer Encounters

For Camden Flux, Love Camden asked artists, critics and writers to submit their view on queer life in Camden.

Following on from her Camden Encounters project in 2015, for which she recorded memories from residents of Camden in the places where they were formed, artist Elly Clarke wants to assemble a map of Queer Encounters: YOUR encounters, YOUR stories, YOUR histories. It can be a kiss or a look, a first or last visit to a particular venue; a private revelation or a collective gathering; a compliment or an insult; a pick up or a put down; a time of quiet reflection or a rave; a first meeting or a goodbye. It can have taken place yesterday or 54 years ago.

Please note that this website is accessed by everybody, including minors. Any contributions that would not be suitable for children will not be included, so please choose the way you write about your stories with this in mind. If you have photographs or other images you would like to accompany your memories please indicate this in the form. Memories will be collected until the 17th of June, 2017.

Queer Encounters wants to know:

1. WHAT is your queer Camden story?

2. WHERE is your queer Camden story?

3. WHEN did your queer story take place?

4. Do you have any photos or images from this story that you would be prepared to share?

5. What name would you like to be used on the map?

6. What is your preferred pronoun?

7. What is your age?

8. What is your relationship with Camden and how old is it?

9. Twitter / Instagram handles if you are happy to be tagged

Please submit your Queer Encounter here!

About the artist

Elly Clarke is interested in the changing place and role of the physical body and object in our increasingly digitally mediated and experienced world, which she explores through photography (analogue and digital), video, drawing, performance, curating and participatory projects and more recently through #Sergina, a Drag Princess alter ego who writes & performs songs - alone and with others - about life and love in the age of digitalism. Clarke is interested in how our perceptions of space and place, as well memory and narrative are affected by the technologies we use in everyday life. 

Clarke has a BA in History of Art and a Masters in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London and has exhibited her work internationally. 

Read more about Elly Clarke here or click here for an interview with #Sergina!

http://www.instagram.com/serg1na / http://www.facebook.com/serg1na 

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Image: (c) Milica Kolaric