Pidginy Linguish: Camden, Culture, Translation
About the project
A lifelong Camden resident, Maharaj published this text more than a decade ago, but it is still relevant today. ‘Pidginy Linguish’ investigates the evolution of the English language, influenced as it is by migration and cultural diversity. The text casts the Camden neighbourhood of Bloomsbury as a key figure in the flourishing of pidgin English and the richness inscribed in this curious form of translation. It is a great example of the ways in which language is involved in issues of integration, identity and cultural diversity and raises important questions of living with multiplicity, translation and difference. For Camden Kalā, Love Camden has invited artist Bharti Parmar and critical art writer Kriti Bajaj to respond to this iconic academic text in their own way.
Pidginy linguish
Pidginy Linguish
Proto-Pratter, Ur-Creole: sounding the ‘Dictionnaire Eléméntaire' on Cultural Translation - by Sarat Maharaj
(c) Bharti Parmar
Bharti Parmar
'The Evolution of Language: An Infographic by Bharti Parmar'
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Kriti Bajaj
Finding My Feet: Kriti Bajaj on being an international student in Camden