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Project Zed - radio drama broadcast

Radio Play Sci-fi Virtual Event
Glitchy black and white photo with the words Project Zed appearing

Join in to listen to a broadcast of the science fiction radio drama Project Zed. The drama was co-written by a group of incarcerated people at HMP Lincoln, working with artist Ruth Beale, professionally produced, recorded, and premiered on National Prison Radio. Set in 2069, Project Zed centres around prisoner A168NPR as he is released from The Dome, a high-tech, high-surveillance megacity. Suffering flashbacks and confusion, A168NPR begins to piece together his memories and nightmares—an eco-conspiracy of horrifying proportions.

The radio drama is 30 minutes long and will be followed by a short Q&A between artist Ruth Beale and their father, sci fi fan David Beale.

This event accompanies the exhibition in LIKE GODS by Ruth Beale at the Swiss Cottage Gallery.



Wednesday 22 March

7pm to 8pm


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