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Beat the Blues of January with 31 Creative Challenges!

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Image reads: January Challenge 2023. 10 Year Anniversary.

It’s cold, dark and the holidays have come to an end, and with it return the blues post the celebration of New Years. The list of resolutions may be ready but no motivation to get started. We know how hard it is to get back on track and that is why Camden is participating in The January Challenge by 64 Million Artists to celebrate their 10th anniversary. 

The January challenge is designed for people to find creativity in the everyday regardless of age, gender, sex, ethnicity, or access to resources. These challenges can encourage you to create a creative habit for the rest of the year and improve overall mental wellbeing. The challenges will help you explore a variety of skills, and maybe you’ll end up finding an activity or skill to practice and improve upon for the rest of the year. 
There are 31 daily 'Creative Challenges', all of which have been co-designed with individuals and community groups. There is a varied mix of challenges. They could get you writing, doodling, chatting, moving or making – but all of them will invite you to 'do, think and share.' They are low-cost, accessible, quick activities requiring minimal equipment and resources that can easily be found around your home. 

a row of outdoor material in the shape of a rainbow: pinecones, stones, nettles, leaves

You can sign up to access the creative prompts https://64millionartists.com/thejanuarychallenge/. If you’d like to prepare for January as an organisation, you can also download The Champions Pack- that contains all the prompts in advance. 

These challenges can be completed individually, with family or friends, with a community group or at the workplace. We encourage you to share your creations online using the #64MillionArtists and #CamdensJanuary
We look forward to seeing how artistically you’ll be spending your January!