Top 10: After The Fireworks

It is probably the most awkward day of the year: the first of January. The streets are scattered with the dirty remnants of last night’s fireworks, everyone is trying to make their best of their first hangover of the new year, and the resolutions you made last night, enraptured by the gleaming promise of your new and improved future self, now seem a little arduous at best.

What comes after the fireworks? What will 2020 bring now that we have blasted our hopes and dreams into the starry night? Love Camden is here to help with some achievable, alternative resolutions for the coming year!

1.    Become a museum member


british museum
British Museum

Most museums offers memberships or the option of becoming a friend of the museum as a way to support their cause, such as The British Museum, the British Library, the Sir John Soane Museum, and the Camden Arts Centre. This way you don’t only support the arts, but you also get great discounts, offers, invitations to previews and sometimes a magazine subscription!


2.    Join a volunteering group

Help out your local neighbourhood by becoming a volunteer. Check out Volunteer Centre Camden to see how you can sign up and where help is needed.


3.    Take an art class


camden arts centre
Camden Arts Centre

It is never to late to learn how to be creative! Sign up for an art class at the Camden Arts Centre, a short course at Central Saint Martins, or art courses at the WMC!


4.    Attend free lectures and events


conway hall fireplace
Conway Hall fireplace

There is a wealth of free lectures and events available throughout the borough. Drop in at any of these institutions for some fantastic lectures on a wide range of topics: UCL Lunch Hour Lectures, Senate House Events, and Conway Hall.


5.    Try a plant-based diet

Plant-based diets are here to stay and where better to get your vegan fix than from Camden? From Instagram-worthy fried chicken to filling curries, there is something for everyone, without breaking the bank! 

 Read our top 10 vegans spots, here

young vegans pie


6.    Go on a Camden Guided Tour

Join the Camden Guides for a detailed and insightful tour around Camden. Get to know your borough better in 2020!


7.    Help out in a community garden

Camden is home to many community gardens. Why not grow some green fingers and dedicate yourself to greener living this year by joining their cause?

Check out some local community gardens here, and here.


8.    Join the Camden Green Gym

The Camden Green Gym improves your physical and mental wellbeing whilst also improving the local environment! 

In Camden, The Conservation Volunteers work across a large number of sites in the borough, from tiny hidden nature areas generally unseen by the public, to major public spaces like Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park and London Zoo.

Volunteering with them is free, simple and no experience is necessary. With a relaxed atmosphere, you can work at your own pace and there are activities to suit all levels of experience and fitness. Read more here


9. Try something new and discover Camden's small galleries

Chalton Gallery
Chalton Gallery

Have you read our list of small independent galleries yet? If not, get to it, because these hidden gems represent some of the best art initiatives in the borough and they are all free!

10.    Contribute to Love Camden!

We are always looking for eyes and ears on the street. Have you seen something worth mentioning? Attended an art show, or been to a great outdoor food festival in the borough? Let us know via our contact page!