A central place in academic, literary, artistic and historical developments, Bloomsbury’s parks, museums and streets breathe intellectual heritage.

In the cultural heart of London lies Bloomsbury. The area is rich in history and famously known as the stomping ground of the Bloomsbury set: a group of influential writers, intellectuals and artists from the 1930’s that included Virginia Woolf. It is not surprising then that, as you meander around its labyrinth of streets and pretty squares, almost every turn leads you to a different museum, book store or university. This is definitely the best place to take a good book and cuddle up on the grass in one of the many beautiful squares like Bedford Square or Tavistock Square. If you’re feeling fancy go for high tea at one of the excellent tearooms like Bea’s of Bloomsbury. 

Bloomsbury is also the museum heart of the city, with the Foundling Museum, the Dickens Museum and the British Museum as its main attractions. The latter has an impressive architectural wonder at its centre: a huge glass covered square designed by Norman Foster that houses a cinema, shops and a restaurant.