A cartoon drawing of Pod, a purple robot, with purple text reading Pod's Birthday

WAWA Weekender: Pod's Birthday at Wac Arts

Wac Arts
213 Haverstock Hill
Event time
6.30pm - 8.30pm
26 Jul 2019

Join us for a relaxed participatory show to celebrate Pod’s 3rd Birthday. Expect a fun evening of interactive gaming using assistive technology, giving you a taste of the award winning and pioneering work developed at Wac Arts. You will also get the chance to see the impact that this work has on the young people who attend the programmes.

Who is Pod?

Pod was created by young people at Wac Arts to be your guide in the exciting world of assistive creative technology. Pod hosts a collection of ideas in the Wonder Pod, an exciting toolkit for young people, youth workers and arts practitioners that demonstrates how to best utilise tablet apps and assistive technology for creativity, having fun and forming friendships. Developed, written and designed by students with disabilities at Wac Arts, Wonder Pod is a collection of workshops, advice and guidance for anyone using accessible technologies in arts and media activities.

About the WAWA Weekender

Explore, Discover, Celebrate

26th – 28th July 2019

A 3 day festival of arts and events celebrating Wac Arts 40th Birthday and the rich heritage of change-makers who made history within the Old Town Hall.

Discussions, workshops, performances and parties - programmed to inspire innovative thought and practice.