Behind the Scenes

Here are some of the people working with us on Camden Is...telling us about their experience

Back to Front, Designers:

"This project was delightfully daunting – as most truly interesting briefs are.

There were two immediate challenges: firstly, how do we create a visual identity for Camden’s bid that represents something as big and broad as the culture of a borough (especially one as vibrant and rich as Camden)? And secondly: how do we show the perspectives of a diverse range of people without alienating people from different ages, ethnicities and social backgrounds? Both huge questions, but ones we embraced whole-heartedly.

We worked closely with the Camden team through a number of workshops, and these sessions (including great conversations with a Council intern) led to the idea of putting the characters, architecture and heritage of the borough at the core of the concept. In this way, our work for the bid would be inviting and interactive, allowing people to interpret for themselves what Camden Is…

This gives the branding a special type of freedom: it allows Camden to speak for itself. We experienced the magic of this first-hand when walking the streets to find willing people to model for the campaign – and when meeting the heads of companies that invest so much time in cultivating the energy of the borough. The love and support that these people (as well as the people we worked with from the council) showed was overwhelming.

Fingers and toes crossed that Camden succeed in their bid..."

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Simon Waller, Photographer:

"When I was asked to photograph the people of Camden for Camden Is... I fully expected a challenge, considering I would be asking real people to take time out of their busy days to model for me! But everyone I approached as part of the project were very happy to engage and really open to the idea. Those I spoke to were very supportive of Camden's bid to be London's Borough of Culture. And many of them roped in their friends to take part too.

Personally I very much enjoyed the experience of using 'real' subjects for this series of portraits rather than professional models. And being in Camden there was a fantastic mix of people to shoot, resulting in a wonderfully eclectic series of pictures. It was a pleasure working with the team from LBoC who are all committed to enhancing the lives of those who live in the borough!"

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Melvyn Williams, Model:

"I feel honored that Love Camden has used my photo to promote Camden as the London Borough of Culture. I have seen my photo at many bus shelters around the borough and have had friends and people I know coming up to me, telling they have seen my photo. Where I volunteer for Scope on Camden High Street the bus stop there has a poster of my photo, and the people where I volunteer have popped out of the shop to go and have a look at it.

I met the Mayor of Camden yesterday at an event where I asked him about the posters, and he told me he has seen them too. I am glad to contribute to Camden by letting them use my photo to promote the borough as the Borough of Culture. What I love about Camden is the richness of culture and diversity, its music and arts. I feel privileged to be a part of Camden."