Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck

Camden Fringe presents: Sunday on the Rocks

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
The Gatehouse
Highgate Village
N6 4BD
Event time
Tues 30 & Wed 31 Jul : 7:30pm, Sun 4 Aug: 5:00pm
30 Jul 2019 - 4 Aug 2019
30 Jul 2019
31 Jul 2019
4 Aug 2019

"It's rare to encounter a domestic comedy that speaks to an entire generation, but Sunday on the Rocks hits a raw nerve for today's generation of Angry Young Women." - Boston Globe. 

Relationships with housemates can be...complicated. Written and set in the 1990's, Sunday on the Rocks explores the delicate balancing act of four women forced into sharing personal space with relative strangers- and what happens when you throw in a positive pregnancy test, wicker chairs, and a lot of alcohol.   
This all-female cast from fledgling theatre company Rabble tackle issues ranging from workplace harassment to silent soup protests. Many of the same issues discussed are faced by women today. Tisch-trained director Rachael says "In reviving this black comedy, its unsettling how little has changed - the same topics could be discussed in any house share just this week, despite the 20 year gap. We think the conversation has moved on but this play demonstrates how that's just not the case".