Tall Tales: women artists’ playful exploration of the human experience

Swiss Cottage Gallery past exhibitions: 2016

Tall Tales

by Alinah Azadeh & Nina Yuen

23.03 – 29.05 2016

also hosting:

Call For Cloth

By Lauren Sagar, Sharon Campbell & Joanna Peace


Tall Tales was a national tour of 17 international women visual artists who playfully use storytelling techniques in the making of their work.  

Storytelling is a tradition shared for centuries and across every culture as a means of entertainment, cultural preservation and education. The Tall Tales artists used storytelling techniques to play with our perception of myth, reality, the public and private and matters of difference while questioning our assumptions. Their works revealed uncanny scenarios that sometimes pointed to personal stories but simultaneously addressed issues relevant to society at large and what we might call ‘the human experience’.

Tall Tales was presented in London across venues Swiss Cottage Library, Gallery, Tavistock Clinic and Freud Museum London.

Swiss Cottage Gallery hosted artists Alinah Azadeh and Nina Yuen. Sculptures and drawings by Alinah Azadeh explored her Iranian heritage and relationship to her mother whilst Nina Yuen presented video works. Her work Raymond weaved a narrative created from Yuen’s father’s personal reminiscences and cultural and literary references.

Swiss Cottage Library also presented Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell’s The Chandelier of Lost Earrings (2013), winner in the Best Arts Project category of the 2014 National Lottery Award. The work was developed in collaboration with the staff at St Mary’s Maternity Unit (at Central Manchester University Hospitals) who were asked to donate lone earrings that had some emotional resonance or significance. The sculpture itself comes to represent many individual stories woven together into one object heavy with meaning and significance, speaking of human emotion, memory, loss, beauty and love.

Taking The Chandelier of Lost Earrings as a point of departure, Lauren Sagar has been commissioned by Tall Tales to develop the project Call for Cloth. Her ‘call for cloth’ developed as a process, moving from London, to Rochdale and then to Glasgow, finally manifesting at Glasgow Women’s Library as a co-produced, site specific textile installation, engaging with both community groups and the wider public through contributions of cloth and sharing of stories. The project was supported by artist Joanna Peace.

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