Another Utopia

Swiss Cottage Gallery past exhibitions: 2015

Another Utopia

By Albert Potrony

23.03 – 05.04 2015


Artist Albert Potrony worked in collaboration with members of Abeona Housing Co-operative and volunteers from the local community on a yearlong project researching Camden’s squatting, short life and housing co-operative movement of the 70’s and 80’s.

In today’s individualistic society, Another Utopia examines an alternative model of housing, living and how we have the power to effect change when working together.

Another Utopia paper (c) Albert Potrony
Another Utopia (c) Albert Potrony

The main focus of the installation at Swiss Cottage Gallery was a 49-minute film. Through collective storytelling, the film charts the journey of a politically engaged and visionary group of individuals who sought to develop new ways of building communities through co-operative housing. Revisiting the organic and sometimes turbulent emergence of this alternative commune and its subsequent development into a funded co-operative housing entity, the film highlights the conflicts and sense of possibility of that era. Tracing roots in the peace movement, Notting Hill housing activism groups, feminism and gay liberation, the narrative captures a fertile period in recent history.

Another Utopia photo (c) Albert Potrony
Another Utopia (c) Albert Potrony

A series of screenings and talks to reconsider the significance of the co-operative housing model today took place across London during the exhibition.

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