How to report a missed collection

Our collection teams are currently experiencing temporary driver shortages and this is causing delays to some collections. If your recycling, rubbish or garden waste collection is missed we will attempt to collect it the following day.

You can report a missed collection if your recycling, rubbish, food waste or garden waste (subscription service) wasn't collected on your collection day.

You must report it within 2 working days of your collection day.

Report a missed collection

Wrong items or in the wrong place 

Your bins, bags, boxes or caddies must be in the right place before 7am on your collection day

We also won’t be able to collect your recycling if it is contaminated. We need your recycling to be clean, dry and empty.

If you have difficulty moving your containers or need help with your recycling then please email [email protected] or call 020 3567 8105.