There are ten Outdoor Gyms in Camden. These are open to everyone (aged over 14) and are free to use.

Find the outdoor gyms near to you, all gyms have safe fixed equipment like you would find in a regular gym. Others have bars and more space for strength and balance work.

The following ones have “Urbanix” kit, with adjustable resistance:

Each piece of kit has a QR code, which you can scan to find out how to use the equipment safely.  You can also adjust the resistance for comfort.

See instruction videos on how to use some of the kit you can use

The following outdoor gyms have a different style, with the instructions on each piece of equipment:

Working with You

We are keen to work with local community groups and organisations such as:

  • parents at the school gate
  • a local health centre
  • a Tenant and Resident Association
  • any other local group

If you have a local Outdoor Gym and want to organise regular activity, we can support you to set up free and welcoming Outdoor Gym sessions.

Contact Information

For more information on our Outdoor Gyms or to set up a regular session for your community, you can: