To help Camden residents cycle more, we are adding secure on street parking bays for bicycles and non-standard cycles.

Residents can apply for spaces in shared bike hangars which hold up to six bikes each.  

Bicycle hangar in Camden

Please note, due to high demand there is a long lead time for the installation of new hangars.   All sites for the current financial year 2020/21 are already determined and we now accept enquires for 2021/22.   

Riders of larger, non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes, tricycles, hand-cycles and tandems can apply for the installation of a secure ground anchor.

To request on-street cycle parking, email [email protected], giving the address where the bay is required. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to requests individually.  

Requests are looked at collectively and are used to assess demand. Due to technical and funding constraints it is not possible to fulfil every request.