If you’re looking for ways to support your neighbours and local community, here are some ideas you can consider.  

Donate food and other essential items 

You can donate food or other items such as books, bedding, toys or clothes. If you have food or item to spare: 

Donate money 

If you can afford to give money, there are funds in Camden you can donate to: 

Volunteer with a local organisation 

If you’re looking to volunteer your time with a local organisation, call 020 7424 9990 or visit the Volunteer Centre Camden website

Get funding for a community project 

If you’ve got a good idea to support your community, you can apply for funding to get it started through our We Make Camden Kit

Help us promote the support and advice available across Camden 

If you’re a member of a local WhatsApp group, or you’re on social media, you could consider sharing information with other residents. 

We have posters and social media graphics directing people to the help and support available across Camden, including ‘warm welcome’ spaces

Cost of living crisis materials 

If you're hosting a 'warm welcome' space: 

If you want to help promote 'warm welcome' spaces: 

British Sign Language 

Translated posters - Albanian

Translated posters - Amharic

Translated posters - Arabic 

Translated posters - Kurdish 

Translated posters - Lingala

Translated posters - Oromo

Translated posters - Persian (Farsi)

Translated posters - Russian

Translated posters - Slovak

Translated posters - Somali

Translated posters - Sudanese

Translated posters - Swahili

Translated posters - Sylheti

Translated posters - Tigrinya

Translated posters - Turkish 

Cost of living - video content 

We have developed a script for our community leaders to help us reach into all of our communities and share vital information about support available with the cost of living crisis. We know lots of people are keen to hear from people they know and trust in their communities, and that videos are a powerful and engaging way to do this.

The script has also been developed in the following languages:

We have also developed scripts that explain what help and support is available to parents and carers. This is available in the following languages: