Apply for Building Regulations

An application for building control must be made before any building work starts.

For works costing more than £500,999, contact our technical support team on [email protected]. Useful information may be found on the Planning Portal website.

Find out about fees, charges and how to pay 

Which application should I submit?

Submit an application for Building Regulations for:

Major and minor building works

Apply for Building Regulations - building notice / full plans


This is works complete prior to making an application

Apply for Building Regulations - Regularisation (PDF)


For demolition work, submit a Demolition Notice under section 80 of the London Building Acts1:

Apply for a demolition notice (Section 80 of London Building Acts) 

Temporary structures

For a special or temporary structure, submit an application under The London Building Acts 1930-1982:

Apply for a temporary structure notice (Section 30 of London Building Acts)

When a demolition notice is required

A  demolition notice is required for the removal of any building or extension under section 80 of the Building Act 1984, except for:

  • when a demolition order is made under the Housing Act 1957
  • the demolition of an internal part of an occupied building
  • the demolition of a building with a volume of 50m3 or less
  • the demolition of a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage

The applicant should also ensure that:

  1. The occupiers of adjacent buildings have been informed, and compliance with the Party Wall Act has been achieved. Further information on the Party Wall Act 
  2. The gas supply for the building has been terminated
  3. The electricity supply for the building has been terminated
  4. The water supply for the building has been terminated
  5. Drainage from the building/site will be sealed
  6. How the main building  will be secured following completion

Download Building Control application forms

Another route is to select the application form and send it back to the address detailed on the form:

For a London Building Acts application for consent under section 30 for a special or temporary structure, please contact us