Change in View Exhibition

25 January - 16 March 2019

Swiss Cottage Gallery

Camden has historically been at the forefront of change and welcomed people from around the world, creating an urban environment with an impressive cultural and linguistic variety. 146 languages and dialects are spoken in Camden schools today. The borough also has a large amount of ecologically valuable green spaces and is thus home to a variety of animals and plants who coexist with humans in often surprising ways.

This exhibition celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity of the urban environment and people’s connection to nature within it. Camden’s rich cultural history is highlighted through rarely shown artworks from Camden’s art archive. These artworks deal with the notion of community, the importance of plants and animals to the urban fabric and a sense of home. Pieces by artists Jane Corsellis, Tracey Emin, Mary Fedden, Alexis Hunter, Bharti Parmar, and Francis Quesnel are displayed alongside recent portraits of Regents Park estate residents by Liz Hingley. This exhibition also features three thematic writing stations, prepared by Mara-Daria Cojocaru, inviting visitors to reflect on the exhibition in writing and to contribute to Camden’s literary legacy. It has been supported by Camden Council’s Regeneration team through the Camden Community Investment Programme.


Artists Bio's

Liz Hingley is a British photographer and anthropologist. After graduating with a first class BA Honors in Photography from Brighton University in 2007, Liz was offered a two-year scholarship at FABRICA, a cultural institute in Italy. There she made the work ‘Under Gods: Stories from Soho Road’, which was published by Dewi Lewis in 2011 and became an internationally touring solo exhibition. Her following project, ‘The Jones Family’, received the Photophilanthropy Award, Prix Virginia, and Getty Editorial Grant.

Liz gained an MSc in Social Anthropology from University College London in 2012 and moved to China. Between 2013-16 she was a Visiting Scholar of the Academy of Social Sciences and produced two books: ‘Shanghai: End of Lines’ (Be-Poles 2013) and ‘Shanghai Sacred’ (Washington University Press 2018). Her work has been published in Time, Le Monde, the Guardian, Financial Times, Economist magazine and New Scientist, as well as various academic journals. She is an honorary research fellow at the University of Birmingham and active member of the Migration Research Unit at University College London.


Mara-Daria Cojocaru is a poet and philosopher, dividing her time between the UK and Germany. She has written her dissertation on the relation between people and the urban environment and is exploring both ecological themes and the relations between humans and other animals in her literary writing. She teaches practical philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy and was visiting scholar at the Universities of Sheffield and Brighton. She was invited to be part of the Autorenwerkstatt at the Foundation Lyrik Kabinett (Munich) in 2007, and is alumna of the Bavarian Academy of Writing. She was shortlisted for the Leonce and Lena-prize, and, in 2017, she was awarded with the Kunstförderpreis Literatur by the Bavarian state.

Mara has published two books of poetry (2008, 2016) and her writing has appeared regularly in the German Yearbook of Poetry since 2009. Her second collection, Anstelle einer Unterwerfung, explores the diversity of human-animal-relations, with some of the poems translated for lyrikline. Mara has carried out workshops for young people both in Germany and in the UK.

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