Camden VOX: Women Constructed

20 September – 10 November, 2018

Preview 20 September, 2018

Women Constructed presents 9 female artists from the Camden Collection, all of whom look at line, abstraction, grids and construction as central themes in their work. This show profiles traditionally thought masculine artworks in an attempt to start a conversation around the idea that women are  a construct of patriarchal society.

Most importantly this is an exhibition that examines the amount of women in art collections and aims to question how we can better diversify and re-examine which works get collected and how archives can help define eras in a more representative manner.

Exhibited artists: Susan Allix, Prunella Clough, Linda Heywood, Phillippa James, Tess Jaray, Charlotte Jennings, Edwina Leapman, Jeannie Masoero and Valerie Thornton.

Quiet Down There will be hosting a series of artist-led workshops around the theme of 'Collecting'. Collecting one thing, whether it be art, books or toys, says something of what you value. When a collection becomes and archive or legacy for others to see, it tells the world a story of what and who was valued. There is a gender imbalance in the collection. Women artists like their male contemporaries were active in the art world during the Camden Collection expansion and acquisition period. However, less women artists made it into the collection. Does this mean they weren’t valued artists during their time? Join in artist-led workshops revealing a process driven way of working not typically associated with female artists of the time.

About Charlie Levine
​Charlie Levine is an art director, independent curator, project manager, lecturer and consultant.  Between 2009 - 2013 she founded / managed independent art gallery TROVE in Birmingham, UK. Levine’s curatorial practice centralises on in/visible networks, creating and bringing together communities,  working site responsively, postal art, developing opportunities for early career artists and encouraging more diverse creative industry opportunities.
Key curatorial projects include Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture at Curzon Street Station, 2011;  Thrift Radiates Happiness at Birmingham’s Municipal bank, 2013; The Moving Image Project that toured to Baroda, Tokyo, Christchurch, London and New York, 2014; Outsidereal, a series of interventions by Mark Titchner and Simon Periton at institutions including British Museum, Camden Arts Centre, House of Illustration, Roundhouse and The Jewish Museum, 2014; Camden50, 2016; Camden Sentido, 2017; and Sluice__ art fairs 2013 and 2015 and Sluice__Exchange Rates in Bushwick, New York 2014 and 2016
Levine has written for Sluice__magazine, Love Camden, an magazine and axis web and was one of 100 Curators profiled on Saatchi Gallery in 2012.

Read more about her work by visiting her website!

About the Camden Art Collection
The Camden Art Collection comprises a rich variety of works dating from the late 1950s to today. The Collection is based upon artists who have had a strong connection to the borough having lived, worked or passed through Camden. Every year, Camden publishes Hidden Treasures, a 12-month series of publications that engage with, contextualize and open up the Collection to the general public through written observations. 

About Camden VOX
This year’s annual arts programme, Camden VOX takes the Women’s Suffrage movement as inspiration and as a point of departure to explore ideas of equality, place, power and identity.

The aim is to celebrate and examine Camden’s unique spirit which is both rebellious, creative and progressive and to offer our residents and visitors to the borough a thought provoking and engaging programme. The title Camden VOX is taken from the Latin for voice.

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