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Camden Market

Camden Market
Camden Lock Place
Chalk Farm Road

If you’ve ever lived in London, you know about Camden Market. One of the richest places in retail and music history; Camden Market is the buzzing and beating teenage punk heart of the city. With rows and rows of food and trinket stalls, selling everything from jewelry to vinyl to incents, the Market is where the world comes together in a maze of flashing lights and dark corners. There are lovers and haters but one thing is for sure: Camden Market is as alive as they come.

Hugging the banks of Regent’s canal as in runs from Kings Cross to Regents Park, the market is clustered in and around the old Market Hall, attracting over a 100,000 people each weekend. Yes, it gets busy, but once you find your way around the market never ceases to amaze. Dive into the Stables to find endless vintage bargains where once the historic Pickfords stables and horse hospital were, designed to attend to the working horses pulling the boats on the canal. Beautiful sculptures of the horses still roam the halls.\s

But the historical heritage of Camden goes far beyond retail. Back in the 19th century the whole area, from Camden Lock all the way to the Roundhouse, was an industrial site of distilleries and warehouses dedicated to producing world renowned gin. Over the past two centuries Camden Town has been transformed into retail and leisure destination losing its initial industrial purpose in the process, and although some of the old buildings still exist, the area’s traditions in gin distilling were all but long forgotten until 2014 when Mark Holdsworth introduced to the world Half Hitch Gin. Another one of Camden Market’s roots stretches into the music industry, with legends such as Blondie, The Clash and The Sex Pistols all performing at Dingwalls Dance Hall, in the heart of the market. Dingwalls was designed to have a very long bar (in fact, it had the longest bar in London at the time) and it was open until 2am, as opposed to most pubs and bars which closed at 11pm. It featured live performances a few nights a week and quickly became a favourite hangout for the likes of Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones, Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd, jazz legend George Melly and artists David Hockney and Lucian Freud.

As far as food and drink goes, Camden Market offers everything and more. With over a hundred food stalls selling food from every corner of the world, Camden Market is the place to go for a snack or a beer on the waterside. The Market is open seven days a week, (just closed on Christmas Day), and close to the Eurostar terminal at Kings Cross. The nearest tube stations are Camden Town and Chalk Farm (on the Northern Line).