Camden is...Open

Camden is...Open: European Capitals of Culture supporing Camden's bid

Galway, European Cultural Capital of 2020:


Plovdiv, the European Cultural Capital in 2019:

Rijeka, the Cultural Capital in 2020 ft Damir Urban:

"I am Damir Urban, a musician from Croatia. I would like to express my support for Camden’s bid for London Borough of Culture. Camden is renowned as an important cultural hub, not just in London but in the world. I live and work in Rijeka, and Rijeka will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. I invite you to visit us that year. And we will visit you at the first opportunity. I look forward to everything we will learn from each other and I look forward to our future collaboration. And I very much look forward to our future. See you soon and all the best from me."