Camden is...
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Camden has some of the most iconic cultural venues in London, a long history of innovation, and our connection to the rest of Europe via Eurostar means that people come from all over to visit our borough. So, why are we bidding to be the London Borough of Culture?

Culture in Camden is so much more than simply attending the latest gallery or exhibition – it’s woven into the fabric of our borough, it is implicit in Camden’s people, visible on its streets and in its heritage. Culture means so many different things to different people yet it has the ability to bring communities together. Camden has a reputation for seeking innovative solutions for problems, and we truly believe culture can transform lives. Through our bid we want to support our existing cultural venues and bring culture out onto the streets so everyone in Camden can benefit. We want to create a year of culture that’s not only known for producing a fantastic programme of events for people to enjoy but that brings wider benefits for Camden residents and beyond.
How you are driving Camden Is...
Camden Is...unique because at Camden we put our residents at the heart of our bid. Click here to find our more on how you can get involved, the consultations so far, the stories people have told us and how those stories fit in with Camden's wider cultural vision
Camden Is....People
Over the past month we have been speaking to people across the borough to find out what culture in Camden means to them. Click here to read more and meet some of our people!
Camden Is...Places
We’re now asking for your stories about the places in Camden that mean the most to you. Click here for our Top 52 of the best Cultural Places in the borough or follow us on twitter as we tweet one for every week of the year, and suggest your own. Look out for our team from the start of next month, who will be out across Camden, capturing residents’ thoughts and ideas on film and in photos to create our own cultural snapshot of the borough.
Camden is...heritage
A big part of our bid is inspired by Camden’s heritage – we look back at the borough’s history of radical theatre and alternative culture, and looking to the future to see what can be drawn from our story to create our future if we win the bid. Camden's cultural heritage is open to London.