Camden Fringe Shows to see this Week!

Camden Fringe Festival 2018, the 13th edition, takes place from 30 July - 26 August, with themes of #MeToo, LGBTQ, and mental health taking the forefront, reflecting what has been a groundbreaking year of social and political change for the UK. We've decided to take a look at some of the most exciting picks of this week (16/09 - 22/09)  at the fringe. 

1. Battleaxe at Camden People's Theatre



In a training ground suspended underneath the earth’s crust, five bodies are pushed to their limits. Each brings their own history and fight, but all are willing to pant, sweat and train together to prepare for their battles ahead.

Battleaxe is a physical piece that explores both contemporary and historical warriors who come together to share why they fight. In their symbolic space we find different worlds colliding. What worms will be unearthed from their collective psyche? Unearthing the minefields in ourselves and the world around us, Battleaxe will tickle and test you in equal measure. A collective of female and non-binary bodies exploding onto the stage exploring feminine power, strength and pain. Tickets here.


2. Boxes at The Cockpit 


boxes in a room


Brother and sister Toni and TJ tick an unusual combination of boxes: Mixed race, dual nationality, GI babies. Forced into a room together after their father dies, their newfound close proximity leads to revelations about themselves and their family, blowing apart the boxes they knew. Purple Theatre’s new play explores family, identity, race and gender in a post-modern Britain. With fierce reverberating baselines by Ross Allchurch and striking physical spectacles by Alleyne Dance, it is a multi disciplined attack on traditional theatre form. Tickets here.  


3. Love Lab at Tristan Bates Theatre

Love Lab


Meet Livia and Perry, two people looking for The One. Love Lab, a new dating show claims to have the answer…but how will they fair under the microscope of an international audience? Are these singletons really willing to expose themselves?

This one act original explores our obsession with the digital and comments on how social media and reality TV is affecting our pursuit for true love. Love Lab is inspired by an experiment conducted in 1967 when professor Arthur Aron succeeded in making two complete strangers fall in love. It became known as “The 36 Questions” and subsequently gave birth to the blueprint of modern dating. Tickets here.


4. Trying to be Her at Etcetera Theatre


Trying to be her


A moving story of female sexuality, told with a backdrop of hypnotic rhythms and soulful harmonies.
Angel is struggling under the weight of expectation, anxiety, and depression. She must question everything she has been taught about who she is. Adam thinks he knows what he wants and how to get, but does he know how to keep it? An exploration of identity, loyalty, depression and duty. Tickets here.


5.  The Falconsbridge School for Girls at The Lion and Unicorn

The Falconsbridge School for Girls


Set in an isolated girls’ boarding school, this 50 minute play is made up of five 10 minute acts, each written by an up-and-coming female writer. United by their shared setting, each act deals with issues that teenage girls face every day, including race, love, friendship, mental health, class divisions and more. This unmissable all-female production from exciting new theatre company Bashir Productions holds nothing back, showcasing excellent up-and-coming female talent on their own terms. Tickets here.


6. Into the Deep at Etcetera Theatre


Into the deep


Into the Deep follows a fishing family held back by poverty and inter-generational struggle. A stoic father attempts to balance the dreams of his children with the realities of their family life in a village in Cornwall. Receiving multiple 5* reviews in Bristol, the play questions how far loyalty extends in a cold microcosm of the patriarchy. Tickets here.


7. Izzy Mant: Polite Club at The Bill Murray


Polite club


TV comedy producer Izzy (Peep Show, Toast of London, Harry & Paul) has been pathologically tactful all her life. But tonight, that changes... Come help Izzy conquer her politeness addiction, and reclaim RUDE... If you've ever smiled through a car-crash date, apologized for your boss's mistakes, or gone to a party just out of good manners, join the club. Izzy's run away from conflict and crashed headlong into mistaken identity, public disgrace, and the Zimbabwean ambassador. This show combines stand-up, storytelling, pratting about, and only a small amount of puppetry. Tickets here.


8. Central (Story) Line at Camden People's Theatre

central story line


The year is 1940, the last Kindertransport to escape the German forces has arrived in England. Three anxious children await on the platform of Liverpool Street station wondering whether someone will pick them up. Louise, Henry, and Charles are united by this historical event that changes and shapes their lives. Their friendship endures through political unrests, missing parents, heartbreaks and ethnic segregation. England saved their lives but at what cost? They are reminded every day that their past will forever haunt their future. Central (Story) Line spans 67 years of friendship as they move from Churchill through Thatcher into Blair and beyond. Tickets here. 

9. On Mother's Day at The Cockpit



A challenging, poetic and relatable piece of physical theatre in the round. On Mother's Day is the story of Ramón, an endearing and friendly death row inmate, who spends his life running from violence only to find it within himself. The script is based on seven years of conversations with convicts on death row with humanitarian non-profit organisation Human Writes. The piece uses engaging visual storytelling, humour, and ensemble work to present a hard-hitting critique of the dehumanisation of the victims in the capital punishment system Tickets here. 

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Stay tuned for more of our top picks next week!