Camden Close-Up: Roei Greenberg

Love Camden loves its local talent. We aim to celebrate everything cultural in the borough, from Hampstead to Kilburn, from the British Library to that little café around the corner - we are always out to show what Camden has to offer. As part of this we launched our Camden Close-Up series: interviews with artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and downright interesting figures that live, work or are inspired by the borough.

This week we spoke with London based Israeli artist Roei Greenberg, one of 36 artists showcasing in the forthcoming FREE immersive pop up art exhibition entitled 'Nof', that is taking place in Camden Market 24th May - 29th May 2018, 10am - 6pm. Find out more at:

Greenberg's work focuses on places where geography and history meet and offer a complex photographic perspective; pictorial and laced with empathy on one hand, yet tinged with irony and underlying ideological tones on the other. This emotional duality runs through his works, sews them together and forms a unique point of view. the personal is woven through the political and social as part of an ongoing dialogue between the ordinary and the sublime.


  1. What would you would do if you weren’t doing this? What would your parallel life look like?

If I wasn't doing this you would find me on a desert island living in my man made hut, long beard, oversized walking stick in hand, growing my own food and wearing a banana leaf for modesty! I love nature and often imagine living off the grid in a self sustaining way of life.


  1. What do you think is most important: luck, chance, opportunity or hard-graft?

Thats a hard question as all 4 have played an important role in my artistic career to date. The luck of being in the right place at the right time - I met my most important international client in a wine bar in Tel Aviv on a Saturday afternoon, I offered him some information after overhearing he needed some directions.

Chance taking is a big part of my artistic nature and my decision making is never played safe which has led me to take the biggest chance of all, moving to the UK from Israel only 2 months ago to explore new artistic opportunities - and there I have inadvertently covered the third point! And of course there is the hard graft which has been essential in getting me to where I am in my artistic career so far. The art landscape is very competitive and I have needed to work hard for everything, which in the end makes the results more rewarding.


  1. What has been your most career defining moment to date and why?

Thats a good question! There have been ones that family and friends would mention, like exhibiting at prestigious galleries and having my art bought by private collectors but the real career defining moment is a personal one, and that is when I made the personal connection that brought together a ongoing body of work I had been working on for over 6 years titled ‘Along the Break’. This was a defining moment that tied years of my project together and enabled the series to reach more audiences and now exhibits worldwide.


  1. What are you most proud of and what are you least proud of……and why?

I’m most proud of the fact that whatever difficulties I face (and there are quite a lot in this career path I have chosen) at the end of the day I never compromise or give up. Photography and being an artist is such a passion, I keep pushing and working hard even when things seems impossible - I still get up, keep producing work and continue moving and reaching out to people.

The thing I am least proud of is the fact that this lifestyle I choose puts a heavy weight on my family which sometimes means there is a lot of sacrifice and compromise to our lifestyle. It makes me feel guilty when I see that my choices are holding us back when others around me have a more structured day-to-day. I’m lucky I have a supportive family :)


  1. Tell us a secret?

I'm a qualified sommelier!


Artist Bio

Roei Greenberg (b.1985) is a London based Israeli artist.

Greenberg grew up in Kibbutz Yiftach, a small community in the north of Israel. He moved to Tel Aviv in 2009 and started his studies at Minshar Art College where he graduated in 2013.

In 2014, Greenberg’s work was selected to win the best landscape series at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards. The winning images were exhibited at Somerset House, London.

Some of his most recent projects include a commission for the Israeli Ministry of Science, to create a body of work about Israeli achievements in the different fields of science. It showed at the Ben Gurion International Airport in 2016 and continues to receive international acclaim and exposure. The year prior, Alon USA, an American oil company, commissioned Greenberg to create a photographic journey between refineries in California, Texas and Louisiana which Greenberg titled: ‘The Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore’.

In 2017 Greenberg’s recent body of work, titled ‘Along The Break’ was chosen as a finalist at the Magnum Photography Awards, won the 1st prize for photographed story at Local Testimony contest, shortlisted for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award, The Meitar Photography Award and was selected as part of the Critical Mass 2017 top 50. The project was exhibited worldwide in venues such as: 'Fresh Paint' art fair (Tel Aviv), Ildiko Butler Gallery (NYC), 'Vanishing Lands' (Venice), The Photographers Gallery (London), Israel Museum (Tel Aviv) and The Athens Photo Festival (Athens).

‘Along The Break’ was recently selected as a finalist for the Prix Levallois 2018. Will be on show at Fotofestiwal Lodz 2018, Poland in June and at Aperture Gallery, NYC as part of the Aperture Summer Open as well as at Edition ONE Gallery, Santa Fe as part of the Critical Mass 2017 Top 50 Exhibition.

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