Black History Season: STEAM futures

Black History Season presents STEAM futures, motivating and inspiring young Black people to explore careers that span Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Schools found the resources very inspiring last year.

Camden is celebrating its second Black History Season a three-month programme which celebrates Black people in Britain past and present, and which leaves a legacy for young Black people. We are continuing the STEAM futures programme to celebrate Black people in STEAM careers and to inspire young Black people to explore STEAM careers.  

The STEAM futures programme is a suite of video resources for teachers and parents to share with young people. The resources are a set of interviews, hosted by young people, with Black STEAM ambassadors who will provide advice and support that young people need to progress in a STEAM career. So far we have six inspiring talks and we will continue to add to these on a monthly basis.

The interviews are bitesize, lasting no longer than 10 minutes as they are intended to be thought-provoking and punchy, and stimulate further discussion and research. Throughout the STEAM futures programme, ambassadors share what their role is and how they got into it to Black leaders that inspired them and challenges they have faced in their field.

With these videos, we want to show the young people the diversity of STEAM careers and show that there are a diverse range of people that look like them in these jobs.  

Click here to visit the Love Camden YouTube playlist here to access all videos

How can I use the resources as a teacher?  

  • You could decide to show a relevant video in a subject lesson.  
  • Show the full series of videos as part of form time. This may be as part of your careers guidance within PHSCE sessions.  
  • It could be in a weekly assembly within a Black History Season or Careers focus.  
  • Upload to your school virtual platform perhaps as a careers or futures resource.


Gain some excitement - you could announce that a different video will be shown each week in different situations (subject lessons, form time etc) to give a sense of anticipation. How might these videos have longevity, e.g. could they be integrated into the curriculum for future years? 

Following showing a video, teachers should have a discussion or set a follow up task.  

In class discussion: What did students notice? What inspired them? How might the subject content link to the career of this STEAM Ambassador? How can you overcome challenges? If you could meet this STEAM Ambassador, what else would you like to ask them?  What kind of qualities do STEAM Ambassadors need other than technical knowledge and skills?  

Research task: Find out more about the journey the STEAM Ambassador may have taken to get to where they are. What subjects at GCSE/A Level might be relevant? What degree might they need? Are there alternative pathways to this career other that university? What other careers are there in this discipline?  

How can I use the resources as a parent or carer?  

As new videos are released each week, watch them with your child. Follow up similarly to the guidance above for teachers to begin a conversation. The videos may be a good starting point for exploring your child’s interests & passions and learning about different careers and pathways (GCSE’s, A Levels, degrees, apprenticeships etc.).   

As young people move from years 8 to 9, and from year 10 and 11 they will start to think about what sorts of subjects they want to take for GCSE’s/A-levels/and other qualification, so it is perfect timing to show them videos like this so that they can thing about what subjects to take if they want to move into these careers.  



We want to hear how useful the resources were! Please spend just 5 minutes completing the evaluation form for STEAM futures once you have used the resources. 

If you are a teacher, please complete the form here

If you are a student, please complete the form here.  


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