Swiss Cottage Gallery: 2017
Open Open 2016
Open Open 2017
29 July – 8 September, 2017

“I entered the Open Open to meet wonderful and amazing artists from all walks of life, be they hobbyists, professionals or just those who want to express and demonstrate emotions and ideas as well as imagination.” - Participant, 2016

The 2017 Open Open calls all artists, professional and amateur, from anywhere and any age, to bring along a piece of their artwork for exhibition. Recurring each year at Swiss Cottage Gallery, the Open Open provides a great opportunity for artists, professional and other, to show their work in a “salon style” exhibition.

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(c) Charlie Cousins
Speculative Geologies
Speculative Geologies is a collaborative project by Charlie Cousins and Fionn Duffy. They explore the performative process of research in response to a speculative meteor impact site that spans the North West Coast of Scotland.
Points of Contact install
Points of Contact
In 2017, rarely displayed artworks from the Camden Art Collection were 3D-printed to provide a new way of looking at this fascinating collection. These 3D prints formed a ‘Museum in a Box’ which has been on tour to Camden’s libraries and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Over 100 children, via workshops, touched the 3D models and listened to artists’ audio interpretations of each object. The combination of the objects and audio became a starting point for participants to make their own stories, poems or noises. The recordings collected during these workshops are featured in this exhibition alongside the real artworks and 3D-printed versions, allowing you to look, listen and touch as you explore the Camden Art Collection.
Anecdotal evidence
Upcoming exhibitions
21 September 2017: TARQ Gallery
13 November 2017: Vishwa Schroff
12 February 2018: Caitlin Griffiths