Dipper Malkin

Dipper Malkin at Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights
156 Fortess Road
Tufnell Park
Event time
7:45pm - 10:30pm
12 May 2019

This inspiring duo is the meeting place for new ideas to meld with traditional song and dance tunes, the result being beautifully honed new works, breaking new ground yet routed within the tradition.

It is clear that John Dipper and Dave Malkin realise that they are the lucky benefactors of previous generations invention, celebrating their inheritance through every note played, whilst avoiding the trap of complancency by offering their own inventions.

'Following the contours of tunes with skill and precision, these two highly talented musicians frame traditional music in all its technicoloured glory. There aren’t many who can sculpt and carve music and song in this way. Their playing is both moving and thrilling, honing in on detail and throwing it wide to enjoy the bigger picture. And they do the greatest service to the tradition by writing new material to keep it alive.' Verity Sharp - Late Junction, BBC Radio 3