No place like home

From 1 February to 5 June, Camden's art scene will be much bigger as the Jewish Museum hosts a new exhibition on contemporary Jewish Life.

The exhibition comprises of 98 stunning images captured by four-times World Photo Award-winning photographer, Judah Passow, who spent over a year documenting 21st century British Jewish life.

Jessica from the Jewish Museum told us more...

"No Place Like Home is a beautifully crafted narration of Passow’s journey through Jewish communities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland during 2010.

"This is a unique, once in a generation photographic project to document an immigrant population, capturing on film the existential framework of a minority community across the UK. There’s a London story to tell, naturally, but this study looks at and celebrates the many diverse aspects of how Jewish people have made Britain their home.

"The images range from the heart-warming to the humorous and the passive to the provocative and will stimulate debate around identities, immigration and multi-culturalism; all contemporary issues that concern us all.  

"As a photographer, Passow has a unique perspective; he was in a position to access and navigate the different Jewish communities, drawing on his Jewish heritage and international upbringing. He was able to secure the trust of his subjects and immersed himself in their lives, allowing him to share many of life’s intimate moments.

"If Camden residents haven’t yet ventured to the Jewish Museum (located on Albert Street) now would be the time to come and explore. This is a 21st century space, beautiful and contemporary located in one of London’s most exciting and dynamic areas. No Place Like Home, with its provocative and striking images, depicts a diverse community – something all Camden-ites are very much used to - will certainly appeal to both Jewish and non-Jewish communities; we can all recognise ourselves and the situations in his pictures, no matter which cultural background we hail from. Birth, marriage, death, coming-of-age parties; we all partake in them, Judah Passow has captured them."


No Place Like Home is produced in partnership with Pears Foundation, a British family foundation rooted in Jewish values. Its work is concerned with positive identity and citizenship. The exhibition is also supported by The European Association for Jewish Culture and the Shoresh Trust.

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